Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sexiest Men Lists

Jon Bon Jovi

This week Billboard offered fans the chance to vote for the sexiest male and female vocal artists from among ten candidates. An “Other” category is provided for those who prefer an unlisted singer. With apologies to faithful Just Janga follower Q, I’m going to focus this post on the sexiest males since I find them much more interesting. I speak as one who needs regular inspiration for fictional heroes, of course. 

I took a look at the list, but honestly I can’t take seriously a list that includes both Jon Bon Jovi (who, I must admit, still looked fine in his Billboard cover story photos back in October) and Justin Bieber (who sets the oldest grand’s age group squeeing). But the Billboard list did set me thinking about other lists of sexiest men. 

People’s annual Sexiest Man Alive is probably the best known. It’s been going strong since 1985 when a young Mel Gibson was the inaugural title winner. I confess that I’ve never missed a cover issue, but my reaction to the winner has ranged from “Oh, Yes!” (George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Denzel Washington) to “Hmm” (most of the time) to WTF (Nick Nolte). I read and enjoyed both Diana Holquist’s Sexiest Man Alive (2007) and Julie James’s Just the Sexiest Man Alive (2008), and I’ve had fun debating the merits of the winner versus contenders with friends on boards, blogs, and Twitter. But I take the title far less seriously than some people do. People’s choice of Bradley Cooper in 2011 sent irate fans of Ryan Gosling into the streets to protest the slight to their man. I'd vote with Team Cooper, but to each her own.

Keith Urban
As a country music fan, I took careful note when CountryMusic Television announced country music’s sexiest men in 2004. I heartily concurred with Keith Urban as #1. "Raining on Sunday" is also on my list of sexiest songs. But my general reaction closely mirrored my response to the People stars. Some I viewed with enthusiasm, some with interest, and some with bewilderment. I expect there would be some changes if CMT did a 2012 list, but I bet Urban would still place high. He has also been included on People’s list of sexiest men, so clearly his appeal is not limited to the country audience.

John Irving
It earned mockery from some, but a lesser known list gets lots of love from me. AARP’s list of the twenty-one sexiest men over fifty includes George Clooney, Jon Bon Jovi, and Colin Firth along with author John Irving (70), Academy Award winner for the screenplay of his novel The Cider House Rules, and actor James Brolin (71), husband of Barbra Streisand. Huffington Post responded with their own list of candidates for over-50 hotties. I enjoyed this list too until I saw Ralph Macchio. The idea of the Karate Kid as a fifty-year-old is just depressing.

So who’s on your list? And whom do you think People will choose in 2012?


Jane said...

I heart George Clooney. I thought Bradley Cooper was a good choice and he did have a couple of hits(Hangover 2 and Limitless.) With the success of The Avengers I wouldn't mind seeing Robert Downey Jr. or Jeremy Renner on the cover. I'm also adding Michael Fassbender on the list. He's everywhere these days.

quantum said...

Janga, as I strive to impress Mrs Q, I have to say that none of your model 'heroes' stir any of my sexy genes. Though I'm pretty sure your prose descriptions might!

If I had to pick someone to model my own (fiction) heroes, it might be Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee). The tough outdoor type who can survive in the outback impresses me. And he certainly impressed Linda Kozlowski in the film.

For a sexy male vocalist I might go to the Beatles, but those soppy hair styles put me off.

OK. The young Bob Dylan singing 'Blowing in the Wind' does it for me. .... though I guess that ages me!

Sorry Janga. I must be honest here. For the sexiest singing voices I have to choose a female mezzo soprano. Angela Gheorghiu sends me into raptures and stirs my wildest sexiest genes! LOL

Kathleen O said...

Well this is interesting, because I would have to say that George Clooney, Hugh Jackman and Jon BonJovi would all be on my list.. And I think their is something very sexy about Georg Strait when it comes to sexy country singers.

Janga said...

Jane, George Clooney has been accelerating my heart rate since he played Falconer on Sisters. And I think Robert Downey, Jr. is sexier with some years on him than when he was younger.

Janga said...

Q, we probably need a separate discussion of sexy singing voices. It would be interesting to see the varied responses.

Janga said...

Kathleen, I believe George Strait is on the AARP list. I think he's appealing and I love his smile, but "sexy" is not the first adjective that comes to mind when I think of him. But these choices are subjective, whoever is making the list.