Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Serial Review: With This Kiss, Part Three

With This Kiss, Part Three
By Eloisa James
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: March 26, 2013

The final section of Eloisa James’s first serial romance ends with a sigh-worthy exemplification of the healing powers of love and a happily ever after that leaves readers with a satisfied smile. Colin, with all his alphaness in ascendance, offers Grace persuasive evidence that it is she, not Lily he desires, that she, Grace, is the only woman he wants in his bed, in his dreams, and in his heart. In a scene rich with sizzle and symbolism, Grace becomes “blind” in order to see the truth.

Another classically symbolic scene that is both passionate and tender precedes one of the most memorably moving wedding scenes I’ve encountered in romance fiction. In a lovely (both in the sense of being full of love and in the sense of being beautiful and pleasing to the beholder) role reversal, Grace becomes the warrior, winning Colin from the darkness into which war plunged him literally and metaphorically.

Every time they made love, every morning he spent training Daedalus, every afternoon he spent writing, every evening when he read aloud another letter, every time he teased her or asked her a question about one of her paintings, she dragged him farther onto her side. The side with life in it, not death.

All this and the author still gives us a delightful epilogue that confirms the tradition of summers at Arbor House overflowing with children designed to fill their parents’ hearts with more love and their heads with gray hairs continues happily ever after. With This Kiss has joined my collection of all-time favorite romances.

The wedding scene in this book is one that that I will remember with a sigh of appreciation. What’s your favorite wedding scene from a romance novel?

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