Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Party!

Parties! Parades! Festivals! It’s that time of year. The biggest parade is the one in Greenwich Village, New York City, where crowds reach two million. The “most adult” is the one in Las Vegas where erotic performances will be added to the music, dancing, and lurking monsters. Long Beach, California, boasts creepy walks and haunted halls on one of the most famous ocean liners in history, the Queen Mary. Louisville, Kentucky, turns the Louisville Zoo into a world of ghosts, superheroes, and talking pumpkins. Atlanta celebrated last Saturday from noon to midnight at the Little Five Points Halloween Festival & Parade, one of the top ten celebrations in the country, where the best costume wins the Witch’s Cup.

Locally, people seem uncertain whether the trick or treaters will make their rounds Saturday or Monday. I’m betting on Saturday when most of the festivals at schools and churches will be held. My celebration will be smaller and quieter. The highlight will be seeing the grands in all their costumed glory. At last report, this year we’ll have a gypsy, a rock star, a werewolf, a pirate, a ninja, an UGA, and a princess. We have a goodly supply of Hershey bars for the masses, and I’m baking cupcakes for the grands. No costume for me. No cupcakes or Hershey bars either, alas! But sticky kisses and grand giggles will keep me from feeling deprived. The six-year-old has already previewed his costume to great applause.

My treat for you is a list of links to help you celebrate whether you’re planning an evening at home or donning a costume to dance the night away.

So, what are you doing Halloween?


irisheyes said...

We were just discussing this over dinner last night!

My DH's co-worker approached him yesterday about scheduling a meeting next Tuesday. It is so well known that my husband takes off Halloween that his whole company knows to avoid planning anything for him on that day. LOL Unfortunately after 16 years, he's planning on working Halloween because his children are finally "too old to trick and treat"! He's a little down about that.

So, instead of spending the day dressing my kids up in their favorite costumes I'm going to be trying to figure out how to keep the Halloween fun alive for my husband!

Around my neighborhood a lot of the adults get into the swing of things by setting up fire pits outside of their homes. Kind of making it a little impromtu block party complete with Jell-O shots or hot chocolate "with a kick". Hopefully the weather with cooperate!

Janga said...
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Janga said...

Irish, the block party sounds like fun. My oldest nephew and his wife had a cookout in their garage and driveway last year with chili in a witch's cauldron, clam "brain" dip, and a smoke machine to add the appropriate touches. It was great, and the whole neighborhood and tons of kids dropped by. But their church is having a huge festival this year with rides and games of all sorts. The kids want to be there, and the niece says it saves her from the big house cleaning before and after. I can sympathize.

I also have friends who throw a big party every year, but I usually make excuses since they are fifty miles away and I hate wearing a costume.

PJ said...

Trick-or-treating here will be Monday night (it's always the night of the 31st if it doesn't fall on a Sunday). I'll be continuing my tradition of dressing in costume to greet the goblins who come to my door. I'm going to be a gypsy this year. It's a repeat costume but, with all the hours I've been working, I just didn't have the time or inclination to come up with something new.

Most of the adults on my cul-de-sac dress up and the kids love it. My grand-niece will be coming over with her parents to "tour" my end of the neighborhood then help me pass out goodies at my house.

Janga said...

PJ, I can see you as a gypsy. I bet you have a great time with the kids, and I know your grand-niece will love being your helper. Kids make all the holidays more fun, don't they? Happy Halloween to all the gypsies, goblins, ghosts, and other Halloween folk in South Carolina!

curtis03 Lewis said...

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