Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Latest Creation from Tessa Dare Studios

In March 2011, the romance community held an auction to help Fatin Soufan, a long-time member of the community, after she lost her husband. Tessa Dare, whose phenomenal first video production, The Stud Club Trilogy premiered in 2010, auctioned her services as Romance Video Producer Extraordinaire, and author Maya Banks was the lucky—and generous—winner. Here and at various other sites throughout Romanceladia, you can view Tessa’s latest video creation and learn about Maya’s sensational new trilogy.


PJ said...

Tessa is a creative genius. I've probably watched this video at least ten times since yesterday (including a few minutes ago) and I'm still laughing. It's nothing short of brilliant! :)

As for the books, I've read an ARC of IN BED WITH A HIGHLANDER. It's my first book by Maya Banks and I loved it! I'll be buying a published copy when it releases later this month and I'm already excited about re-reading it next month before losing myself in Alaric's story.

Janga said...

I agree, PJ. Tessa has changed forever the way I look at dolls and action figures. LOL